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Digital photography is, to put it simply, photography without film. When images are shot digitally, there is no waiting as the shot goes directly from the camera to the computer. It appears in seconds on the monitor. The image can be previewed for image quality (were yours eyes open?), color corrected, cropped and dropped into a background -- all in real time. If the image doesn’t look right, we just shoot it again. At John Markovich Photography we use high-resolution Kodak professional digital cameras, which are Nikon 35-mm cameras with a digital back.


 With digital photos, the level of creativity is limited only by your imagination. Any border design can be added directly onto the photograph. Text can be added on the spot, adding a personalized element to the photos. And with new green-screen technology, you can superimpose your guests seamlessly into any background scene, making it appear as though they were actually there. Further, each image is stored digitally on a computer and can be easily transferred to a CD, zip or floppy disk for further use in publications, Web pages or promotional pieces. Digital photography also facilitates image transfer to Web sites for e-mail, downloads and re-orders. Finally, because it eliminates the need for film and chemical processing, digital is better for the environment.

With green-screen technology, a subject is photographed standing in front of a green screen. Once captured, their image is "masked," or cut out of the green backdrop and seamlessly pasted into another backdrop scene already present in the computer. Green-screen and blue-screen technologies are identical other than the different background colors. Blue-screen technology is used in the production of television weather maps and heavily used in motion pictures to superimpose a subject into a scene that has already been filmed. In digital still photography, green-screen technology is in its infancy but quickly becoming a favorite of event planners.



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