Event Imaging
    (Digital on Site Photography W/Instant Photographic Quality Prints)

    A little bit about Event Imaging.

    I have an Event Imaging System that makes photographic quality prints from digital images in about 60 seconds. The system captures your image digitally, and delivers a 35mm quality print, on site, in about 60 seconds.

On Site Requirements:

A space 10' x 15', a 20-amp circuit and a 45-minute set-up time prior to the actual start of the function.


Contact us for an estimate.

What's Included:

  • All equipment and photographic supplies needed.
  • Package Prints from a 5x7 Print: 1-5x7 or 2-3/12x5's or 4 wallets
  • Set up and tear down - No Charge
  • Photographic staff comes dressed in appropriate attire for event
  • One of over 50 stock photographic backgrounds


  • Custom borders or company logo around your photos
  • Trading Cards or Christmas Cards
  • Screen Savers on 3 � floppies
  • Prints Folders w/Custom Lettering or Logo